Valve Assist from modec (France) is a range of portable actuators for manual valves (gate, ball, check, butterfly) that are designed to take the hard work out of operating manual valves, to speed up the operation of large valves & valves which have become stiff to operate over extended periods. Talk to us about how this safe & simple, yet cost effective solution can add genuine value to your process operations.

Flow Measurement

Watch this space, we hope to have innovative process flow measurement device available for our clients by late Q2 2019. This something that we had many requests for over they years, so not much longer to wait........Thank you The Kontrol Indo team.

Valve Testing & Repair Solutions

Ventil B.V. (The Netherlands) is the global standard when it comes to valve testing & valve repair equipment solutions for more than 60 years. Kontrol Indo have many clients in Indonesia across a variety of industries that have standardised on Ventil for their valve related repair & testing needs. In fact, Ventil Valve Test Benches are operating in Indonesia for more than 22 years! It is all about quality & the best possible technical valve expertise. 

Fuel Security Hardware

TISS Ltd (UK) are the ONLY company in the world to offer a complete end to end solution, protecting all secondary access points of the fuel system. known for the market 

leading TankSafe™ range of fuel security and safety devices, which contains the Award Winning ‘Optimum’ device: the ONLY device to completely prevent ‘skimming’ of fuel, 3rd party fuel theft, Overfilling and Diesel Spills. Ask one of our fuel security experts about the 3 yr product warranty. Now is the time to start taking control of your fuel! 

IIoT Valve & 

Process Sensors

Trisense (Norway) and their Fusion range of valve & process sensors is a complete game changer for the valve industry!! 

  • Pressure Safety Valve (Pop Detector) Sensor

  • Manual Valve (Position) Sensor 

  • Relative Humidity & Temperature (Explosion proof enclosures) Sensor.


is now possible using the very latest IIoT technology. Full system integration & support by Kontrol Indo technical experts.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring

Life by SmartCap (Australia) is the worlds most effective fatigue monitoring solution that provides real-time feedback, helping drivers manage their alertness, anywhere, anytime. PROACTIVE not reactive, there are plenty of good technologies that react to a person showing signs of fatigue, Life proactively monitors the initial stages by alerting a person BEFORE symptoms of fatigue progress, enabling them to better manage their fatigue. Gets you home safe everyday.

Proven Solutions. Expert Support. 

Our Products

- Ventil: Valve Test & Repair Equipment

- Modec: Portable Actuators

- Coming Soon: New Flow Measurement

- Trisense: IIoT Valve & Process Sensors

- TISS: Fuel Security Hardware

- LIFE: Driver Fatigue Monitoring

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